New School Uniform Requirements

New School Uniform Requirements

You will notice a link at the bottom of the home page that will direct you to the custom Lands End site that was designed and built specifically for Timmerman School students.  Please take a moment and browse through the many new options for your child.  Below, we have listed the REQUIRED dress-up day clothes for 6th – 8th grade students.  All other items are approved for normal uniform days.  Elementary school students may wear the items listed below, or may choose to wear appropriate dress-up attire for dress-up day.

Middle School Dress-Up Day Attire

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Boys’  – Boys must wear a white shirt with the Timmerman tie, long khaki pants, brown or blue socks, and a navy blazer (only required if student wears a jacket on dress-up day).  The items listed below are the approved Lands End items that will need to be purchased BEFORE the first day of school.  We are working with Lands End to select the shoes for dress-up day.

Long-sleeve white oxford shirt; item# 219308-BP8

Pleat front chino pants; item# 403859-BP0

Plain front chino pants; item# 403853-BP3

Hopsack Blazer; item# 406157-BP8


6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Girls’ – Below is a list of numerous items.  You and your daughter may mix and match any of the items from this approved list.  Items not on this list may not be worn on dress-up day.  Ribbons or bows in hair must be Blue, White, or Gold.  We are working with Lands End to select shoes for dress-up day.

Long-sleeve pinpoint blouse; item#315328-BP7

Side pleat plaid skort (above the knee); item# 231588-BPX

Plaid A-Line skirt (below the knee); item# 430831-BP4

Girls’ custom cross tie; item# 438994-BP7

Plaid necktie; item# 426743-BP4

V-neck sweater vest; item# 414762-BP2

Solid cable knee socks; item# 093594-BP6

Regular Blazer; item# 320065-BP1

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